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Your Entrepreneurial

Join the Entrepreneurs Association at John Carroll University

and ignite your entrepreneurial journey.


With us, you're not just joining a community.


You're gaining a network of mentors, guides,

and entrepreneurial thinkers who support your vision and drive.

Where growth happens
through collaboration

Join the JCU Entrepreneurs Association and tap into a wealth of resources designed to scale your business.


Learn from industry leaders, network with forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and gain access to:


Just-in-time learning:

Engagements for on-demand knowledge growth.


Unique networking opportunities:

To build strong, valuable relationships.



To recruit & retain talent, strengthening your team.


Mentoring programs:

That provide personalized guidance and support.

Take the leap and join our community
Here's how:

Fill out the online application form


Pay the annual membership fee that corresponds to your average revenue


Join us at an upcoming event - RSVP here

Seize success with the EA

Don't wait for success to find you.


Take control.


With the JCU Entrepreneurs Association,

you're one step closer

to growing your business

and making a bigger impact.

Meet Your Executive Committee

Get to know the experienced and dedicated individuals

who lead the Entrepreneurs Association.


Our executive committee

is composed of

seasoned entrepreneurs and

business leaders  committed

to supporting your entrepreneurial journey.

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