Membership Benefits


​The Entrepreneurs Association (EA) is made up of more than 100 privately-held business owners that regularly assemble within The Edward M. Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. Membership in the Entrepreneurs Association offers:


  • Networking. Opportunities at educational and social events, and through a private directory of members, to collaboratively grow financially and personally.

  • Educational Seminars. Opportunities every month to learn about topics of current business or personal interest.

  • Student Engagement. Opportunities to engage and mentor John Carroll University students, and recruit them for internships and employment.

Membership is for entrepreneurs & principal shareholders / operating officers / decision-makers of privately-owned companies in Northeast Ohio.

Memberships are also available to service professionals - this membership class is limited to 20% of the overall membership.

Applicants do not need to be affiliated with John Carroll University.

Members seek to grow their businesses while being a force for positive change. Members share a commitment to entrepreneurship, a love for learning, and a willingness to collaborate with one another to discover business opportunities. Members build strong relationships with a sense of camaraderie, which ultimately works to improve their businesses.