Membership Benefits


​The Entrepreneurs Association (EA) is made up of more than 100 business owners that regularly assemble to give first, to collaboratively build enduring businesses, and to collaboratively develop timely learning experiences.


Membership offers:


  • Resources in a timely manner for existing entrepreneurs who may not have the bandwidth to explore and learn about timely topics

  • Networking with other entrepreneurs to discuss relevant issues and potential solutions

  • Tools to better recruit and retain key talent

  • Camaraderie of an entrepreneurial support group

  • Continuing support to young-at-heart (YAH) entrepreneurs as they plan, begin, build, and succeed as an entrepreneur​

Membership is for entrepreneurs & principal shareholders / operating officers / decision-makers of companies in Northeast Ohio.

Applicants do not need to be affiliated with John Carroll University.

We offer a variety of membership levels, depending on your company's average annual revenue over the last 1-3 years.


Individual Memberships:

  • $150  for companies under $500K 

  • $500  for companies $500K - $1MM

  • $1,000  for companies $1MM or more


Company Membership (up to 3 individuals leading or employed by a company):

  • $2,500 for companies $100K or more