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Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential 

Join the Entrepreneurs Association at John Carroll University.

Together, we’ll turn your entrepreneurial dreams into tangible success.


We offer:

A vibrant network of like-minded entrepreneurs


Learning engagements from industry professionals


Dedicated mentorship programs


Resources and support to recruit and retain talent

Empower Your Entrepreneurial Journey With Us

Your membership with the Entrepreneurs Association opens the door to endless opportunities:

Expert Insights:

Learn from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts


A Supportive Network:

Engage with individuals who share your passion and drive


Exclusive Resources:

Access tools, workshops, and online courses designed to boost your business


Talent Recruitment and Retention Support:

Get the help you need to build and maintain a strong team


Mentorship Programs:

Get guidance from mentors who’ve been there and done that

Are you ready to make the leap
and join our community?

Fill out the online application form


Pay the annual membership fee that corresponds to your average revenue


Join us at an upcoming event - RSVP here

Meet Your Executive Committee

Get to know the people behind the scenes,

dedicated to supporting your entrepreneurial journey.

Please contact

Doan Winkel, our Executive Director, at

with any questions

Remember, your journey towards entrepreneurial success starts with a single step.


We're here to make sure it's a step in the right direction. Take the leap with us today and transform your business dreams into reality.

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